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Letter from Mrs. P. Karlmark, September 29, 1929

Church of Swedish Mission


September 29, 1929

To The Venerable Patriot of India


Dear Sir,

Accept my greetings among all the other good wishes you will receive on your coming birthday… I thank you for your work for India and for the example you give us all of a life of service.

I was a visitor in your ashram in January when the Danish ladies4 stayed at Sabarmati. Thank you very much for receiving me too. I shall not forget the conversation we had near the charka! I took a good deal of your time, but still you said: “Come again!” Thank you so much.

Our teachers and our girls know about your work for India.


A fellow worker

P. Karlmark

Source: SN15622

4 Mrs. Ellen Horup and Miss Cathinca Olsen

Letter from Miss Cathinca Olsen, May 28, 1933

Gammeltaftsgade 24, 4

May 28, 1933

Dear Bapu,

At 12 O’clock on the 28th the “fast is finished.”5 Ellen Horup wrote to me now the clock is 12, and you are free. And India and all the friends are relieved of a burden. Many, many dark eyes have looked forward to that hour, also many eyes of brighter colour.

It is not only outside my window that I see dark clouds. All over the world there are dark and threatening clouds, unworthy and terrible things happen. It is so good to know, Bapu, that you are, that in the distant India there lives a man who wishes good to all!

I read your article in the Harijan about the fast. It was the same as to hear your quiet, harmonious voice again. It was like sitting in front of you in the ashram, a morning in Kingsley Hall or in the circle around the fireplace in the house in London. You say that the great Dead are working together with us. I cannot help thinking that strangest, broadest and most visible are the effects of their work while they live amongst, even if I understand and feel, that it is as you say that remembrance keeps the good and strengthens it.

Therefore I am very glad with the many all over the world to know that the warm and vivid eyes are open of the man who wishes all the world good.

Dear Bapu, I hope that it is the last time that you are obliged to frighten us thus!

Did you receive my last letter with my face that you asked for?

You have written to Mrs. Esther Menon about a birthday telegram from Denmark!6 The society “Friends of India” have sent you a wire to your birthday. Perhaps it is this.

Hearty greetings

to you, your wife and Devadas. They have had a very difficult time.

With my best wishes for a brighter future for India and for the world.

I remain you

Cathinca Olsen

Source: SN21364

5 Gandhi undertook a 21-day fast on May 8, 1933, in connection with the movement for service to Harijans (members of the lowest caste of Hindus).

6 Please see letter to Mrs. Esther (Faering) Menon, October 4, 1932.


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