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Collected by E. S. Reddy - and Holger Terp

Letter, January 5, 1933

Yeravda Central Prison,

January 5, 1933

My dear child,

If I am to cope with my correspondence, side by side with untouchability work, I can only dictate letters for the most part, and even then be brief. It is a fortunate thing that I have been allowed the facility. The untouchability work was going beyond my capacity in spite of the assistance I received from Vallabhbhai and Mahadev. I wish I could do justice to your long love letter. I cannot send you anything like it. I see that you have Andrews settling down in Woodbrooke. You will, therefore, have him always by your side, a strong support to lean on whenever you are in need.

Yes, I have seen the beautiful poem of Shelley’s that you have copied for me. I hope you are keeping quite well, and I pray that the New Year has opened for you with much greater inner joy and peace than you have ever possessed.

I was glad for the letter from the ailing sister. Here is my reply to her.163 Though she has given me her address, as I cannot quite make out her name I send it through you.

Love from us both and kisses to the children to whom a separate postcard is going.

Mahadev sent a book for Tangai and Nannie for Christmas gift. I hope they got it.


Source: My Dear Child, pages 97-98; Collected Works, Volume 52, page 369

163 Text in Collected Works, Volume 52, page 368


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