The Danish Peace Academy, Mohandas Gandhi and Nordic countries, Letter 119 to Tangai Menon, February 23, 1933

The Danish Peace Academy


Collected by E. S. Reddy - and Holger Terp

Letter to Tangai Menon, February 23, 1933

Yeravda Central Prison,

February 23, 1933

My dear Tangai,

You have sent me a note not written by you. Therefore you cannot complain if I sent you a reply not written by me.168

I know that Uncle Charlie169 eats much salt, but you must not copy bad habits of elderly people, and eating much salt is a bad habit, and much salt spoils the original flavour of things with which it is mixed.

Uncle Charlie has also a habit of spoiling little children by giving them too many sweets. Therefore, if I were you, I should distribute sweets amongst lots of poorer children and I should feel happy at the thought of sharing with them gifts received from friends.

Love and kisses from us both.


Source: My Dear Child, page 119; Collected Works, Volume 53, page 380

168 This was a typed letter.

169 C.F. Andrews


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