The Danish Peace Academy


Collected by E. S. Reddy - and Holger Terp

Letter, March 2, 1933

Yeravda Central Prison,

March 2,1933

My dear child,

I have your letter. I am sending it to Maria. I know she will be delighted with it. Probably you wrote the same time that you wrote to me. Even so, the news of your joining her early will not be stale to her.

I posted a letter last week to Tangai and just gave you a line only. I hope she felt duly proud to receive a letter all to herself, put in an envelope bearing her address, and I hope that she sent me a thousand kisses when she got that letter.

As I am pouring out my heart through Harijan, I feel that I have nothing more to say to the members of the growing family.

With all the experience gained in a big hospital, Menon should return as a distinguished specialist in surgery.

Love from us all and kisses to children.


Source: My Dear Child, pages 99-100; Collected Works, Volume 53, page 440


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