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Collected by E. S. Reddy - and Holger Terp

Letter, March 24, 1933

Yeravda Central Prison,

March 24, 1933

My dear child,

I have your long letter after some waiting. The account of your meeting is very interesting. It was impossible that with all the earnestness and force you could put into your words you could fail to be effective.

The Cross undoubtedly makes a universal appeal the moment you give it a universal meaning in place of the narrow one that is often heard at ordinary meetings. But then, as you put it, you have to have the eyes of the soul with which to contemplate it.

I am glad you are mothering the Muslim girl from Hyderabad. You must tell me more of her when you have known her more.

I never knew that people out there [in England] ever carried loads on their heads. Is what you saw the usual practice in your part of England? What could be the weight, and what are the receptacles made of in which the load is carried ? What is the distance that is covered? Is it the ordinary house-refuse that they contain ?

I hope Hans171 has found an answer to his prayer.

Maria wrote to me the other day and I saw how glad she was that you were at last coming. She is weary with fatigue, both in body and mind. She is almost on the verge of breaking, and I am anxious that, whilst she is still fit, she should run away to Kashmir and give her body and mind rest for a few months. She needs it desperately.172

Love from us all and kisses to the children.


Source: SN20697; Collected Works, Volume 54, page 178

171 a German boy living with the Menons at Selly Oak

172 Please see letter to “Miss Anne Marie Petersen”, Dated March 21, 1933 by Gandhi to Anne Marie Petersen.


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