The Danish Peace Academy


Collected by E. S. Reddy - and Holger Terp

Letter, December 15, 1933

December 15, 1933

My dear child,

I had your touching letter. Well, you have to rejoice in your suffering both mental and physical. You must now do what satisfies your own inner voice. And the end will be all right. Of course Maria will be cut up. But we are all in God’s hands, not a blade moves but by His command. If we had all our own ways, the world will go to pieces. It is perhaps as well that our wishes are often frustrated. It is the test of our loyalty to God that we believe in Him even when He refuses to fulfil our wishes. I want you therefore to enjoy perfect peace even while things seem to you to be all going wrong.

My prayer, my thoughts and my love are with you. For the rest weekly Harijan is my weekly letter to you as to many friends and companions.


Source: My Dear Child, page 102; Collected Works, Volume 56, page 340


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