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Collected by E. S. Reddy - and Holger Terp

Letter, January 17, 1935

January 17, 1935

My dear child,

I have your letter and the children’s. Tangai is a wise girl and so she has learnt to resign herself to the sorrows that come to her.186 The spirit of resignation is bad when sorrows come out of our conscious errors; but when they come for reasons we do not know and cannot know, resignation is the proper thing. In other words, constant endeavour and surrender to the will of God have to go hand in hand.

Your description of your visit to Porto Novo and Maria’s losing herself in her work is very good.

My feet won’t let me walk, because immediately I try, the crack reopens.

C. F. Andrews could not write to you as he had no time whatsoever. It was touch-and-go whether he would be able to catch the steamer he did.

Both A.I.S.A.187 and A.I.V.I.A.188 are absolutely non-political associations.

You must come to Wardha some day. Delhi is too far for you. What is Menon being paid for hospital work? We leave here, at the latest, on the 28th instant. We have been passing through a very severe spell of cold weather.



Mrs. Esther Menon

“The Vision”

Tanjore (S. India)

Source: My Dear Child, page 110; Collected Works, Volume 60, pages 87-88

186 Tangai’s health was very delicate at this time, with frequent ailments.

187 All India Spinners' Association

188 All India Village Industries Association


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