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Collected by E. S. Reddy - and Holger Terp

Letter, February 25, 1935


February 25, 1935

My dear child,

Your letter. Why apologize for the length of your letter? You do not write too often.

Mrs. S.190 was here for a day. She is a good, well-meaning woman. She told me she was with you.

Yes, the children have to be in Kodai for their health’s sake. It grieves me to think that Menon has still to draw funds from Denmark. But of this we must talk when we meet.

So Maria cannot go home! It is no easy work to love India with all one’s heart.

Send my love to Nellie Ball when you write to her.

C. F. Andrews is in W. A.191 He expects to come to India in April.

Mira had a very narrow escape in a motor-car accident. She is all right now.


Source: My Dear Child, page 111; Collected Works, Volume 60, pages 261-62

190 The full name is not legible.

191 West Africa


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