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Collected by E. S. Reddy - and Holger Terp

Letter, [On or after April 30, 1936]

[On or after April 30, 1936]

My dear child,

I have your long letter. I have read it with the deepest interest. You have a tough problem in front of you. If you can, you should come to Nandi Hill to see me. I reach there on 10th May.192 God will guide you. You must not worry. Take things as they come to you when you cannot alter them.

I am writing this from the village Segaon193 where I want to settle down. Mirabai is here already. She will go to some other village, if I settle down here. I do not want any of the old co-workers with me, if I can help it.



Source: a photostat at the National Archives of India, and My Dear Child, page 112; Collected Works, Volume 62, page 357

192 Gandhi arrived in Nandi Hills, near Bangalore, for a month’s rest.

193 A village five miles from Wardha where Gandhi set up an ashram. He later renamed it Sevagram.


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