American Civil Liberties Union

Den amerikanske Borgerrettighedsforening.
Stadig eksisterende amerikansk borger-rettighedsgruppe grundlagt 1920 med afsæt i the National Civil Liberties Bureau af pacifisterne  Roger Nash Baldwin og John Haynes Homes med flere. Organisationens tidlige aktiviteter er bl.a. beskrevet af Lusk udvalget.
Blandt de aktive i the American Civil Liberties Union var: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Dana, Abraham Johannes Muste. Organisationen blev overvåget af FBI, 1920-1921. Arkiv: Swarthmore College Peace Collection.
Se også: American Civil Rights Coalition ; American Civil Rights Institute ; American Committee For Human Rights ; American Alliance for Labour and Democracy ; American Fund for Public Service ; Amnesty International ; Cambridge Union Society ; Illinois State Seditious Activities Investigation Commission ; Maryland Commission on Capital Punishment.


Alternative Views: The American Police State (1979).
American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California: Operation Correction (Part II) (1961).
American Civil Liberties Union: "To take a copy from the Nazis ..." ([1951?]).
National Archives and Records Administration: Longines chronoscope with Arthur Garfield Hays - television interview: Victor Riesel and William Bradford Huie talk with Hays, constitutional lawyer and General Counsel for the Civil Liberties Union, on Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy and civil liberties in the United States, 1951.
You can't do that: Selected bibliography on civil liberties in the United States, compiled by Clarice A. Rosenthal, M. Meeker, M. Ottenberg, and others for the American civil liberties union, complete to July, 1937... (1938).
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American Civil Liberties Bureau: War-time prosecutions and mob violence : involving the rights of free speech, free press, and peaceful assemblage From April 1, 1917, to May 1, 1918 (1918).

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