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Brækket pil. Amerikansk definition på et alvorlig atomvåbenuheld.
Se også: Airmunitions letter ; Criticality Accidents ; Operational Accidents ; Pacific Engineering and Production Company of Nevada (PEPCON) ; Radiation Exposure Experience.


Windscale fire of 10 October 1957.
Wakeford, R. (2007). "The Windscale reactor accident--50 years on" (PDF). Journal of Radiological Protection. 27 (3): 2115.

Atomalderens glemte ulykker. Sendt i DRK, 23. oktober 2014.
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament: Broken Arrow cover up in UK.
GAO: Solid Rocket Motors: Loss of Oxidizer Production Necessitates Emergency Procedures, 1988.

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