Copra Dane

Amerikansk phased Array ICBM;-sporingsradar ved Alaska. Støtteradar til BMEWS; i drift siden 1976.


Gao: Missile Defense: Air Force Report to Congress Included Information on the Capabilities, Operational Availability, and Funding Plan for Cobra Dane, 2018.
DOD plans to invest over $278 million to operate, maintain, and modernize its Cobra Dane radar system —which helps defend against incoming missiles and tracks space objects such as satellites and debris. These investments are needed because the system has been operating for over 40 years, and key components are obsolete.
The Air Force occasionally has to take Cobra Dane offline to address failing parts or for routine maintenance, but we found that DOD has a mobile radar system it can use when Cobra Dane is scheduled to be offline.
We also found that DOD is planning to invest in new radar systems that may reduce its reliance on Cobra Dane.

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