Stop! Standstill! Greenham Common poster 1962

The Committee of 100

Engelsk direkte aktions fredsgruppe grundlagt 1960 som en del af CNDinitiativ af Bertrand Russell og atompacifisten Michael Scott. Blokade sammen med CND ved Greenham Common basen i 1962. Ophørt i 1968. Blandt de aktive i the Committee of 100 var Margaretta D'Arcy, April Carter, Michael Randle, Tony Smythe, Tony Southall. Arkiv: IISH.
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Michael Randle: Tony Smythe : He radicalised the human rights campaigns of his generation. The Guardian, 03/29/2004
Obituary : Tony Southall / Gordon Morgan, Terry Conway.
Online magazine : IV341 - June 2002.

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