Dodge, David Low

F. 1774 D. 1852
Amerikansk forretningsmand, underviser og pacifist. David Low Dodge holde en prædiken om universel fred i 1809 og i 1813.
Medstifter af the New York Peace Society i 1815 og initiativtager til the New York Bible Society og the New York Tract Society.


War Inconsistent with the Religion of Jesus Christ: As it is Inhuman, Unwise, and Criminal (1815).
Dodge, David Low: The mediator's kingdom not of this world, but spiritual, heavenly; but spiritual, heavenly, and divine. illustrated in remarks upon John, Chapter XVIIL verse 36 by an Inquirer.
- New York : Published by Williams & Whiting, at their theological and classical bookstore, No 118, Pearl-street, 1809. - 48 s.

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