Eatherly, Claude

Amerikansk radionavigatør under anden verdenskrig som deltog i bombningen af den japanske by Hiroshima.


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This book tells the saga of Claude Eatherly, the pilot who radioed the all clear message to the "Enola Gay", which dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. After the war, Eatherly blamed himself for the deaths of 100,000 people and sought psychiatric care. The author explains how Eatherly was in and out of mental hospitals and jails after committing a plethora of bizarre crimes in the hopes that society would punish him for his horrendous act. Krauss, Robert / Krauss, Amelia, Eds. The 509th Remembered: A History of the 509th Composite Group as Told by the Veterans that Dropped the Atomic Bombs on Japan. Anders, Günther / Eatherly, Claude Burning Conscience.
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Tibbets, Paul W. Flight of the Enola Gay. Buckeye Aviation Book Company.

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