ebombe ; electromagnetic-pulse emitter

Amerikansk bombe under udvikling 2003. Moderniseret neutronvåben? Anvendelse af ebomber kan være i strid med folkeretten. Lawyers Against The War skriver i Electro-Magnetic Pulse Bomb-Illegal weapons to be used against Iraq, at: "the explosion of a bomb about one megaton in size (the exact size remains classified) eight hundred miles over Omaha, Nebraska, would shower the continental United States, southern Canada, and northern Mexico with an EMP capable of disabling virtually every computerized circuit in its potential damaging consequences of such an EMP attack in 1982, when he wrote in an obscure engineering journal.
But even then the cat was out of the bag and the race began to develop a non-nuclear method weapon capable of delivering an EMP punch. If current reports are accurate the U.S. now has such a weapon - the so-called e-bomb, and is getting ready to demonstrate its power to Saddam Hussein.
According to Associated Press Technology writer Jim Krane, the U.S. may fire a cruise missile tipped with a high-powered electromagnetic-pulse emitter - a so-called e-bomb - "which fries the electronics without killing the people," said Andrew Koch of Jane's Information Group.
Wrote Krane, "The weapon's massive power surge is supposed to travel through antennas or power cords to wreck any unshielded electronic appliance - civilian or military - within a few hundred yards, according to studies cited by GlobalSecurity.org, a research organization.
Se: elektromagnetisk puls.

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