UK Sites (USA Occupation)

Norman Baker: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence if he will list the sites in the UK occupied by the US, giving in each case the (a) acreage and (b) purpose of occupation. [145147]

Mr. Caplin: The following table lists the sites made available to the United States Visiting Forces in the UK, together with their purpose of use and size in hectares.

5 Jan 2004 : Column 99W

Site/Purpose of use Hectares
Main Operating Bases
RAF Lakenheath 727.00
RAF Mildenhall 469.62
Standby Deployment Base
RAF Fairford 470.64
Storage/Support Facilities
RAF Alconbury 81.13
RAF Church Fenton Presence
RAF Daws Hill 21.12
Defence Estates Eastcote 7.76
Glasgow Docks 0.10
High Wycombe offices Presence
RAF Hythe 6.80
Kennington Barracks 0.11
Marchwood Military Port 1.93
RAF Molesworth 270.94
RAF Spadeadam Presence
RAF Upwood 2.45
RAF Welford 300.16
RAF West Ruislip 13.96
Communications Facilities
RAF Barford St. John Comms. Site 196.18
RAF Barkway 0.90
Botley Hill Communications Site Presence
RAF Bovingdon 0.89
DCSA Chelveston 0.33
RAF Christmas Common 1.03
RAF Cold Blow Lane 0.14
RAF Croughton 278.95
RAF Daventry 0.70
RAF Digby Presence
Dunkirk Communications Site Presence
RAF Feltwell 129.48
RAF Menwith Hill 220.57
DCSA Oakhangar Presence
DCSA St. Eval 6.09
RAF St. Mawgan 5.16
Swingate Communications Site 0.22
RAF Uxbridge Presence

Those sites listed as "Presence" are where the US Visiting Forces have a small presence on site in certain buildings but do not have a measurable hectarage allocated to them.

In addition to the sites in the above table, the US Visiting Forces also have family quarters housing allocated to them, in a variety of locations in the UK.

This list does not include RAF Fylingdales!

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