Helium er et grundstof, en ædelgas, nr, 2 i det periodiske system.
Helium kan udvindes fra naturgas.
Se også: Atomfysik ; fussion ; helium 3.


Quantum Field Theory and the Helium Atom: 101 Years Later.
/ : J. Sucher. Department of Physics, University of Maryland, 2008.
- https://archive.org/details/arxiv-hep-ph9612330
Helium was first isolated on Earth in 1895, by Sir William Ramsey. One hundred and one years later, it seems like a good time to review our current theoretical understanding of the helium atom. Helium has played an important role in the development of both quantum mechanics and of quantum field theory. The early history of helium is sketched
Helium. / : John E. Hamak. U.S. Geological Survey, Mineral Commodity Summaries, 2017.

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