Houseman, Laurence

F. 1865 D. 1959
Engelsk forfatter, kunstner og pacifist.
Medlem af PPU og formand for Friends of India i London.
Laurence Housman skrev bl.a. digte, eventyr og skuespil, eksempelvis the little plays of St Francis 1922.


Houseman, Laurence: The field of clover (1898).
Housman, Laurence: Followers of St. Francis : four plays of the early Franciscan legend. - Boston : Small Maynard.
Housman, Laurence: The heart of peace, and other poems.
- London: Heinemann, 1918. - 139 s.
Housman, Laurence: Little plays of St. Francis; a dramatic cycle from the life and legend of St. Francis of Assisi.
- Boston : Small Maynard, 1922. - 286 s.
Housman, Laurence: Ploughshare and pruning-hook; ten lectures on social subjects.
- London : Swarthmore Press, 1919. - 244 s.
'Great possessions. - Crime and punishment. - Christianity a danger to the state. - The salt of the earth. - The rights of majorities. - Discreditable conduct. - What is womanly? - Use and ornament. - Art and Citizenship. - Conscious and unconscious immortality.'
The venture : an annual of art and literature. / editors Laurence Housman, William Somerset Maugham.
- London : John Baillie, 1903. - 249 s.

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