irreversibilitet / irreversibily

If the nuclear weapons are fission bombs, making use of highly ennriched uranium, disarmament of these weapons could be made completely irreversible by mixing the highly enriched uranium with ordinary uranium. The result would be uranium in which the common isotope predominated over the rare fissle isotope, and thus the resulting uranium could not be used in bombs. Getting rid of plutonium irreversibily is more difficult, but it has been proposed that plutonium could be deposited in the bottom of deep mine shafts, and access to it could be made almost impossible by exploding charges conventional explosives in such a way that the mine shafts would collapse and be blocked by thousands of tons of rocks. Most thermonuclear bombs make use of rare isotopes of hydrogen and lithium, and these could be destroyed irreversibly by mixing the rare isotopes with the common isotopes of hydrogen and lithium.

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