Latinamerika / Latin America / Amérique latine / América Latina, Latinoamérica; / América Latina

Geografi: En region på det amerikanske kontinent, hvor romanske sprog (dvs. dem, der stammer fra latin) - især spansk og portu-gisisk, og varierende fransk - primært tales.
De Mellem- og Sydamerikanske stater der først og fremmest var koloniseret af Frankrig, Portugal og Spanien, desforuden de britiske og hollandske kolonier i Caribien og Syd-amerika.
The Central and South American states that first and foremost was colonized by France, Portugal and Spain, besides the British and Dutch colonies in the Caribbean and South America.
El Centro y Sur de América señala que en primer lugar fue colonizado por Francia, Portugal y España, además de las colonias británicas y holandesas en el Caribe y América del Sur.
Natur: Biologia Centrali-Americana; or, Contributions to the knowledge of the Fauna and Flora of Mexico and Central America : vol. 1-57. / : ed. by F. Ducane Godman and Osbert Salvin.
'Contents: Zoology: Mammals (1 vol.), Birds (4 vols.), Reptilies and Batracians (1 vol.), Fishes (1 vol.), Molluscs (1 vol.), Arachnids: spiders and harvestmen (2 vols.), Arachnides: Scorpiones, Pedipalpi, and Solifugae (1 vol.), Arachnids: acarians (1 vol.), Insects: Coleoptera (8 vol., 18 parts), Insects: Hymenoptera (3 vols.), Insects: Lepidoptera-Rhopalocera (3 vols.), Insects: Lepidoptera-Heterocera (4 vols.), Insects: Diptera (3 vols.), Insects: Rhynchota-Heteroptera (2 vols.), Insects: Rhynchota-Heteroptera (2 3 parts), Insects: Neuroptera. Ephemeridæ and Odonata (1 vol.), Insects: Orthoptera (2 vols.), Botany (5 vols.)'
International Migration in the Americas: First Report of the Continuous Reporting System on International Migration in the Americas (SICREMI) 2011.
p.; cm. Includes bibliographical references. (OEA Documentos Oficiales; OEA Ser.D)
Historie: Oldtiden:
Se også: TTlatelolco-traktaten, Traktat om forbud mod kernevåben i Latinamerika og Caribien
See also: Treaty of Tlatelolco, Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America and Caribbean.
Se også: ALBA-landene ; Amerika ; intervention ; Mellemamerikas forenede stater eller Den mellem-amerikanske føderation ; Messo-amerika ; Nueva Canción ; Operación Cóndor ; US School of the Americas (Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation) the U.S. Southern Command ; Vestindien.


Bibliotheca hispano-americana : a catalogue of Spanish books printed in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, the Antilles, Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Chili, Uruguay, and the Argentine Republic, and of Portuguese books printed in Brazil : followed by a collection of works on the aboriginal languages of America (1870).
Budgetary priorities in Latin America: military, health and education spending. / Sam Perlo-Freeman. SIPRI Insights on Peace and Security 2011/2. - 20 s.
History of US Rule in Latin America: Elections and Resistance to the Coup in Honduras. Beginning with an overview of the four Nobel Peace Prize winning US President's influences on the region.Filmed by Paul Hubbard at Massachusetts Institute of Technology on 12-15-09.
Instances of Use of United States Armed Forces Abroad, 1798-2007.
Updated September 12, 2007
Richard F. Grimmett
Specialist in National Defense
CRS Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Trade Division
Transparency in Military Spending and Arms Acquisitions in Latin America and the Caribbean. / Mark Bromley and Carina Solmirano. 2012. - 60 s. ; SIPRI Policy Paper no. 31. - ISBN 978-91-85114-70-2
Fiske, John: The Discovery of America: with some account of ancient America and the Spanish conquest. 1900.
Labour movements in Latin America (1947).
New writers of Latin America : final report and working papers of the Twentieth Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials : Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango, Bogotá, Colombia, June 15-20, 1975 (1978).
Skak, Mette: Supermagternes interventioner i den Tredje Verden. Politica, Bind 21 (1989)
Resistance in Latin America. The Pentagon, the Oligarchies & Nonviolent Action. /: Prepared by a Quaker Action Group. [Collab.:] Elizabeth Campuzano, Jerry Coffin, [a.o.].Elizabeth Campuzano, Jerry Coffin.
- Philadelphia : National Peace Literature Service, 1970 - 64 s.
Schmieder, Oscar : Geografía de America Latina.
- Me´xico : Buenos Aires : Fondo de Cultura Económica, 1965 - 645 s.
'La ciencia geografica desde su origen tuvo como objetivo la descripcion de la Tierra y el estudio del cosmos. Durante muchos anos no paso de ser una escueta nomenclatura de nuestro globo.'
U.S. Interventions in Latin America - map
'The design team of ILC.iNK created an extraordinary map of U.S. interventions in Latin America and the Caribbean. The map was included in the Summer '08 issue as a pull-out poster. It lists the Republicans and Democrats who were U.S. presidents at the time of the interventions, which makes it a great educational tool and reminder for the election year; to create real change in the bi-partisan U.S. foreign policy towards Latin America, it’ll take more than a change in the White House but the kind of hard and persistent grassroots organizing that has brought the victories that we are seeing in Latin America.'
Warshaw, Jacob: The new Latin America.
- New York : Thomas Y. Crowell Company, 1922. - 488 s.

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