Los Alamos Study Group

Los Alamos studiegruppen. Amerikansk fredsgruppe oprettet 1989 nu beliggende i Albuquerque, New Mexico.
'The Study Group began meeting informally in the fall of 1989. From then until early 1992 the Study Group organized public meetings large and small in Los Alamos and Santa Fe to discuss nuclear policy and related issues. In 1992 we formalized ourselves as a staffed organization and undertook larger projects, beginning with a large alternative museum display, a statewide coalition of organizations, and a successful lawsuit that halted Los Alamos National Laboratory’s largest construction project for a year and half. We provided technical consultation to other groups in New Mexico, California, and Washington, DC. We subsequently won several lawsuits, conducted numerous public campaigns, generated more than 2,000 news articles, lobbied Congress, were active in national coalitions and debates, and halted or deterred at least two major nuclear weapons projects'.
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