Martyn Lowe. Photo: Holger Terp, 2003.

Lowe, Martyn

F. 1949
Pacifist siden 1968 medlem af PPU. Arbejdede med de franske atomvåbenforsøg i Stillehavet og atomkraft i Greenpeace i London 1974-1985; frivillig ansat i WRIs internationale sekretariat fra 1985.
Stiftende medllem af Campaign Against Arms Trade, Librarians Within the Peace Movement, og the Liwo Support Group. Grundlægger og medlem af redaktionen af tidsskriftet Information for Social Change. Arkiv: Internationalt Institut for Social Historie, Amsterdam.

Born November 3rd 1949. Pacifist activist since 1968. My 1st demonstration, which was about British aircraft technology that was being used on US aircraft in Vietnam. This was outside of a company called Elliott Automation, which was at some time owned by GEC/English Electric. Now at the time I was interested in Tape Recording, & so took my tape recorder upon the demo, & recorded a few interviews with some people I meet on it. I still have it someplace in my old theatrical hamper ( something that I once rescued from the trash ).
It’s a funny thing about going to an event where you know no one. You can get to know & get close to some people, but might never meet them ever again. That is the way it used to be. This was also the 1st time that I ever got to meet & Anarchist, & find out about Anarchist ideas.
For me there was something small, which had a very long term impact upon my life too. I was handed a leaflet about The Peace Pledge Union, which I then joined. The rest is History.
You can read about this demonstration in Peace News for November 8th 1968.
Initialy active within Peace Pleadge Union (the British Section of WRI), Worked upon French nukiller bomb tests in the pacific & Nukiller power within Greenpeace ( London ) 1974-1985 , and a volunteer within the WRI International Secretariate from 1985 up to the present day.
Founder member of Campaign Against Arms Trade, Librarians Within the Peace Movement (LWPM) 1990. & the Liwo Support Group. Founder & editorial board member of Information for Social Change. Archive: International Institute for Social History, Amsterdam.


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