Lurting, Thomas

F. 1632? D. 1713
Engelsk kvæker. Thomas Lurting blev født omkring 1632, sandsynligvis i Irland. Men han tilbragte sin barndom i London, hvor i en alder af fjorten blev tvunget til at deltage i krigen i Irland, hvor han tilbragte omkring to år. Efter sin tilbagevenden til London, blev han tvunget ind i Bristol Frigot, en af krigens fartøjer, der tilhørte admiral Blake's flåde. Om bord på samme skib blev han overbevist om krigens ondskab og besluttede at forlade flåden.


Fox, George: To the Great Turk and his King at Argiers : together with a postscript of George Pattison's taking the Turks and setting them on their own shoar. Printed for Ben. Clark, 1680. Genoptrykt i I: Volume 6, The Works of George Fox, Doctrinal Books III, Continued.
Lurting, Thomas: The Fighting Sailor turned Peaceable Christian : Manifested in the Convincement and Conversion of Thomas Lurting, with a Short Relation of Many Great Dangers and Wonderful Deliverences he met withal, - London: Printed and Sold by J. Sowle, in White-Hart Court in Gracious-Street, 1710 ; 1725 ; 1801. - 47 pp.
Lurting, Thomas: Narrative of Thomas Lurting, formerly a seaman under Admiral Blake : Giving an account of his deliverances from danger, his convincement of the principles of the people called Qakers, his sufferings on that account and the manner in which he retook a vessel from the Algerines withoug Bloodshedt. - Dublin : Thomas I. White, 1827. - 24 pp.
Thomas Lurting. Words Lorcan Otway, from a true story by Thomas Lurting. Music Ye Rambling Boys of Pleasure, 2003.

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