Et af flere britiske atomforsøgsområder i det sydlige Australien i den første del af den kolde krig, så langt væk fra London som muligt.
Oplysninger om operationerne er stadig skjulte som klassificeret information.
Atomvåbenforsøgene i Australien , omfattede bl.a. : Operation Buffalo, 1956, Operation Antler, 1957.
Se også: Atomaffald ; atomveteraner ; Atomic Weapons Research Establishment ; Maralinga Rehabilitation Project.
Se tillige: Britiske atomvåbenforsøg i Australien.
/ Contamination, environmental pollution
/ Contamination, environmental pollution
Se også: Barium ; beryllium ; cerium ; cæsium ; jod ; krypton ; lanthanum ; molybdæn ; neptunium ; niobium ; plutonium ; polonium ; radioaktivitet ; ruthenium ; strontium-90 ; tellur ; tritium ; uran ; xenon ; zirkonium.


“Contamination of the environment – past problems and contemporary responses”: A paper presented at the International Seminar on Global Environment and Disaster Management: Law & Society. New Delhi, India. / : Peter McClellan, 2011.
Between 1952 and 1963 several hundred nuclear tests were carried out in Australia. There were a total of twelve major nuclear explosions under five separate “operations” – Hurricane, Totem, Mosaic, Buffalo and Antler. The Maralinga site was used for 11 years for major explosions and 600 minor trials
Many of the minor trials took place at Maralinga between November 1958 and September 1961 by which time a moratorium on nuclear tests had been agreed.31 The minor trials were codenamed: Kittens, Tims, Rats and Vixen. The purpose of the first three tests was to examine component parts of nuclear weapons

Diffusion Science Nuclear Special: Nuclear Waste: Safe for 240,000 years?

Maralinga: The chilling expose of our secret nuclear shame and betrayal of our troops and country. / : Frank Walker. Hachette UK, 2014.
Maralinga: Then and Now 30 Years of Monitoring a Nuclear Test Site. / : Stephen Long. Australian Government, Australian Radiation and Nuclear Safty Agency, 2012.
Rehabilitation of the Maralinga and Emu Testing Sites (Australia) 2003 / Report by the Maralinga Rehabilitation Technical Advisory Committee Commonwealth Government, Department of Education, Science and Training, 2003. - 456 pp.

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