Motherwell, William

F. 1797. D. 1835
Skotsk digter, folkemindeforsker og redaktør.
Se også: Robert Burns.


The Laird of Logan, Or, Anecdotes and Tales Illustrative of the Wit and Humour of Scotland (1889).
M'Conechy, James: The poetical works of William Motherwell. With a memoir.
- Glasgow : Forrester, 1865- 318 s. -
Motherwell, William: Early Scottish ballads.
- London, Charles Griffin and co., 1864. - 376 s.
Motherwell, William: The Harp of Renfrewshire: a collection of songs and other poetical pieces, (many of which are original), accompanied with notes, explanatory, critical, and biographical, and a short essay on the poets of Renfrewshire. Originally published in 1819 (1872). - 546 s.
Motherwell, William: Minstrelsy, Ancient and Modern: With an Historical Introduction and Notes I-II (1846).
Motherwell, William: Poems, Narrative and Lyrical.
- Boston, W. D. Ticknor & Company, 1844. - s. [171]-172.

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