US Naval Submarine Base New London

Naval Submarine Base New London had its beginning as a naval yard and storage depot on April 11, 1868.
The arrival of nuclear power with the USS Nautilus (SSN-571), the world’s first nuclear powered vessel, and the USS George Washington (SSBN-598), the Navy’s first nuclear ballistic submarine, created changes at the Base.
Commissioned in 1954, and home ported at the Base, Nautilus became the first vessel to transit the North Pole during an historic trip across the Arctic in 1958. Retired from service in 1980, Nautilus became an historic exhibit at the Submarine Force Museum, adjacent to the Base, in 1985. Technological changes contributed to a cycle of renewal and reconstruction of the various physical facilities that supported both submarine operations as well as the Submarine School. The Fleet Ballistic Missile program further expanded the Base.
The Base was the headquarters for Squadron 14 for many years, which represented the “two crew per boat” philosophy of the Fleet Ballistic Missile Program. Two crews would rotate on one submarine. In the early days, the limited range of missiles required long term forward positioning of the ballistic missile submarine and a supporting dry dock and tender. The Squadron 14 forward site as Holy Loch, Scotland. By the 1990s, advances in missile capability eliminated the need for these forward bases and Submarine Base New London became home to only “attack” submarines.
Today, Naval Submarine Base New London stretches along the east side of the Thames River, straddling the communities of Groton and Ledyard.
Occupying more than 680 acres, with more than 160 major facilities and 15 nuclear submarines, Naval Submarine Base New London supports fleet readiness by providing quality service and facilities to our Fleet, Fighters, and Families. The Base mission is twofold: to homeport and put Submarines to sea; and to support the Submarine Center of Excellence that trains Sailors to take Submarines to sea.
Naval Submarine Base New London is also home to more than 70 tenant commands and activities including Commander Submarine Group Two; the Submarine Learning Center; Naval Submarine School; the Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory; and, the Naval Undersea Medical Institute
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