New England Non-Resistance Society

Amerikansk pacifistisk borgerrettigehdsorganisation grundlagt af William Lloyd Garrison i 1838.
Blandt de aktive i New England Non-Resistance Society var Adin Ballou, Joshua Pollard Blanchard, Effingham L. Capron, Abby Kelley Foster, Samuel J. May, Lucretia Mott, Sarah Pugh, Edmund Quincy, Charles K. Whipple, Henry C. Wright.
Organisationen havde, meget usædvanligt for den tid, kvinders ret til medlemsskab skrevet ind i vedtægterne: At the NENRS first meeting Abby Kelley Foster was made recording secretary (very rare at the time for women to be officers in a mixed sex group) and at one point she had to tell George Beckwith (president of the American Peace Society) that he was out of order. George got huffy at being told what to do by a woman in a public venue and walked out of the meeting. With great glee Garrison published a series of letters in The Liberator from the American Peace Society complaining about women being out of their sphere, etc., etc.
Dannelsen af New England Non-Resistance Society førte til stor uenighed blandt konservative og liberale amerikanske kvækere, specielt i forholdet til regeringsmagtens værnepligt.
New England Non-Resistance Society udgav tidsskriftet: Non-Resistant 1839-1840? Arkiv: Swarthmore.


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