Latin: Total forandring af bestående magtforhold til alternative magt­strukturer i modsætning til reformation, eksempelvis den franske revolution 1792-1793, den mexikanske revolution 1910, den russiske revolution 1917, den tyske revolution 1918, revolutionen i Portugal 1974 og revolutionen i Iran 1979.
Se også: Borgerkrig ; de-jure-anerkendelse ; detronisere ; folkeopstand ; Heraklit ; den industrielle revolution ; klassekamp ; konspiration ; konspirere ; kontrarevolution ; martsrevolutionen ; oprør ; paladsrevolution ; paradigmeskift ; revolte ; rådsbevægelse.


The Anti-Coup. / : Gene Sharp ; Bruce Jenkins.
- Boston, MA,: The Albert Einstein Institution, [2003?] - 71 s.
'As coups are one of the primary ways through which dictatorships are installed, this piece details measures that civilians, civil society, and governments can take to prevent and block coups d''estat and executive usurpations. It also contains specific legislative steps and other measures that governments and non-governmental institutions can follow to prepare for anti-coup resistance'.
Clark, Howard: Making Nonviolent Revolution.
- Nottingham: ; London: Peace News, 1977 ; 1981 ; 2012 ; Peace News Pamphlet No. 1).
How to Start a Revolution (Promo) (2012).
Lakey, Georg: Manifest for ikkevoldelig revolution.
- København : Ikkevold, 1972. - 60 s. oversat fra:
Lakey, George: : A Manifesto for Nonviolent Revolution.
- Philadelphia, PA: Movement for a New Society, 1976. Online.
Lakey, George: Toward a living revolution: A five-stage framework for creating radical social change.
- London: Peace News, Luxemburg, Rosa: Masseaktion og revolution.
- Kristiania : Det norske Arbeiderpartis forlag, 1919. - 16 s.
Revolution. / : John Scales Avery. The Danish Peace Academy, 2019.
Rosa Luxemburg: Reform eller revolusjon.
Sharp, Gene: Fra diktatur til demokrati. Informations forlag, 2011.
Sharp, Gene: There Are Realistic Alternatives.
- Boston, MA,: The Albert Einstein Institution, [2003?] - 61 s.
'There Are Realistic Alternatives is a short, serious introduction to nonviolent struggle, its applications, and strategic thinking. Based on pragmatic arguments, this piece presents nonviolent struggle as a realistic alternative to war and other violence in acute conflicts. It also contains a glossary of important terms and recommendations for further reading.'
Stender-Petersen, Ole: Den permanente revolutions teori. I: Politica, 1983:4 s. 435-458.

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