United States Strategic Bombing Survey. De forenede staters strategiske bombeanalyseenhed under anden verdenskrig, ledet af økonomen John Kenneth Galbraith. USBUS analyserede "vurderinger af den industrielle og militære effekt af bombningerne af Tyskland.
The strategic bombing of German industry, transportation and cities, was gravely disappointing. Attacks on factories that made such seemingly crucial components as ball bearings, and even attacks on aircraft plants, were sadly useless. With plant and machinery relocation and more determined management, fighter aircraft production actually increased in early 1944 after major bombing. In the cities, the random cruelty and death inflicted from the sky had no appreciable effect on war production or the war.
These findings were vigorously resisted by the Allied armed services -- especially, needless to say, the air command, even though they were the work of the most capable scholars and were supported by German industry officials and impeccable German statistics, as well as by the director of German arms production, Albert Speer.

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