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Kronologi over fredssagen og international politik 17. februar 1958 / Time Line February 17, 1958

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16. Februar 1958, 18. Februar 1958

Den engelske Kampagne mod Atomvåben, CND, grundlægges i London
'On 17th February, 1958, Jacquetta and Jack attended the public launch of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, at the Central Hall, Westminster, London. Speakers that night included Michael Foot, A.J.P Taylor, and Priestley himself. Despite such a luminous turn-out - and the crowds packed into Central Hall and into a further five others – the event was ignored by the national press. Also present that evening were another couple committed to this cause, Diana and, Canon John Collins, whose official residence, number 2 Amen Court, by St.Paul’s, was the Campaign's first home. Canon Collins was the first chairman of this newly-christened CND...'
Første demonstration mod atomvåben i april 1958.
Kilde: Christine Finn: A life on line: Jacquetta Hawkes, archaeo-poet (1910 - 1996) , Chapter Eight



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