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Kronologi over fredssagen og international politik 31. Juli 2001 / Time Line July 31, 2001

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30. Juli 2001, August 2001

National Security Agency Outsources Areas of Non-Mission Information Technology to CSC-Led Alliance Team
The National Security Agency (NSA) has established an official government-industry partnership for Information Technology Infrastructure (ITI) services within the areas of Telephony, Distributed Computing, Enterprise Management, and Networks by awarding a prime contract on 31 July 2001 to the CSC-led Alliance Team. Today's acquisition, known as Project GROUNDBREAKER, concludes an extensive procurement process, following a 15-month Feasibility Study, announced in a June 2000 Press Release, and a managed competition among industry leaders, announced in a March 2001 Media Update. The winning Alliance Team, self-named as Eagle Alliance, is a CSC-led joint venture in partnership with Logicon, a Northrup Grumman company. Additionally, the team comprises strategic alliance partners that include General Dynamics for telephony and networks, Keane Federal Systems for distributed computing and enterprise management support, and Omen, Inc., a small business that will integrate the Eagle Alliance small business consortium. Technology and Service Delivery Partners for this Alliance Team include ACS Defense, BTG, CACI, Compaq, TRW, Windemere, Fiber Plus, Verizon, and Superior Communications.



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