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Kronologi over fredssagen og international politik 23. April 2004 / Time Line April 23, 2004

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22. April 2004, 24. April 2004

Forsvarsminister Svend Aage Jensby træder tilbage og afløses af Søren Gade (V). Manglende opbakning fra Dansk Folkeparti fik Jensby til at trække sig, skriver Berlingske Tidende, 04/24/2004.

Ma'ariv Inciting To Kill Vanunu
Ma'ariv Online's English edition is running a poll "What should be done with Vanunu?" - in which one of the options is "be killed".
If you cannot open the attachment, go to and click on English Edition. At the bottom of the page there is an option for contacting the editors. Please express your disgust and protest at this dangerous and offensive "opinion poll". Inform the editors that you will boycott the paper.
You should know, that an official complaint against Ma'ariv has been served by Gideon Spiro of the Israeli Committee for Mordechai Vanunu for a previous death threat that the paper carried in a column by Dan Margalit.
Please respond quickly.
Rayna Moss, coordinator of the Israeli Committee for Mordechai Vanunu.

Forgiveness, Reconciliation and Restorative Justice
Friday and Saturday, April 23-24, 2004
Arch Street Meeting House 4th & Arch Streets, Philadelphia, PA
Featured Speakers
Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela, psychologist, member of South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and author of the haunting and provocative 'A Human Being Died That Night', about her encounters with Eugene deKock, a man known as "Prime Evil."
Paula Green, founder and director of the Karuna Center for Peacebuilding and of Conflict Transformation Across Cultures (CONTACT) and a reconciliation facilitator in Bosnia, South Africa, Israel-Palestine, Cyprus, Sri Lanka, among other countries.
Lorraine Stutzman Amstutz, director of the Office on Crime and Justice of the Mennonite Central Committee, consultant and trainer for restorative justice programs involving victim-offender mediation.

Two days Global Network 12th Annual International Conference
Resisting Empire: Understanding the Role of Space in U.S. Global Domination
Portland, Maine
2004 marks the 12th anniversary of the Global Network and each year we hold an international event in a different part of the world. This year we will meet in Maine, the home of Bath Ironworks (BIW) where the Aegis Destroyer is built. The Aegis is outfitted with interceptor missiles as part of the Theatre Missile Defense (TMD) system that will be "forward deployed" by the Pentagon in the Middle East and used to surround China, which will of course build more nuclear weapons in response. Representatives from peace groups worldwide will be in attendance to share their work to stop Star Wars. Included in the events will be a protest at BIW.
This event is being cosponsored by Maine Veterans for Peace, Peace Action Maine, Pax Christi Maine, Maine WILPF, and Witness for Peace Maine.



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