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Is it the "Abu Ghraib Protection Act?"
Senate Measure Could Restrict Access to Crucial Information About Abu Ghraib Scandal in DIA Files
Washington, D.C., October 6, 2005 - After failing in 2000, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) is again seeking an exception from disclosure of vast quantities of important Defense Department records currently available under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The exception would render records that document "the conduct of foreign intelligence or counterintelligence operations" of the DIA Directorate of Human Intelligence (HUMINT) unreachable to the public.
The provision currently is included in the Defense Authorization Bill (S. 1042) and the Intelligence Authorization Bill (S. 1803). The provision would allow the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency to place the DIA's "operational files" completely outside the purview of the FOIA. "The DIA tried this before and failed because it would protect records about death squads. Now it looks like the DIA wants to cover up records about Abu Ghraib," commented the Archive's director Thomas Blanton.
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Defence releases Network Centric Warfare Roadmap to manage ADF transition to a seamless Information-age force
MOD Australia
(October 6, 2005) -- Chief of the Department of Defence Capability Development Group, LTGEN David Hurley, today officially released the updated Network Centric Warfare Roadmap which outlines the steps to achieve the goal of a combined joint seamless NCW force by 2020.
Speaking at the at the Land Warfare Conference on the Gold Coast, LTGEN Hurley said that Network Centric Warfare (NCW) is about significantly enhancing the Australian Defence Force's (ADF) warfighting capability. Operations in Afghanistan and Iraq continue to demonstrate the operational benefits to be derived from the enhanced information flows and consequent effects such as agility.
"The NCW Roadmap provides the vision by which the ADF will become further network enabled, and operationally more effective. It encompasses the whole of Defence and outlines the key responsibilities for NCW implementation by all NCW stakeholders within Defence. The NCW Roadmap is a dynamic document that provides an overview of the milestones that we view as critical to the realisation of our vision for NCW," LTGEN Hurley said.
The NCW Roadmap will provide a framework to align the ADF's NCW capability development and identifies four key actions to set the ADF on the road to becoming a mature NCW force:
* Set the NCW related targets and milestones for the ADF;
* Establish the Network;
* Initiate changes in doctrine, and education and training, and;
* Accelerate the process of change and innovation through mechanisms such as RPDE in concert with industry.
The NCW Roadmap also provides both industry and the wider defence audience with context of how Defence will implement the concept of Network Centric Warfare. It will alert industry where opportunities for future development exist.
"When in its mature state, NCW will improve the integration of the Command and Control, Sensor and Engagement Systems to facilitate enhanced situational awareness, collaboration and offensive potential. Critical to achieving this potential are the networks we establish. The implementation of NCW is about capitalising on technology to be able to do things better.
Equally it is understood that the human dimension, the way our troops interact and utilise the information, is just as important in achieving maximum effectiveness. NCW will change the ADF's training, education, organisation and culture.
The path from the first generation NCW to a mature state is a complex and technological journey that will witness the most significant change in the way we do business than any other 15 year period in the history of the ADF," LTGEN Hurley said.
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