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Kronologi over fredssagen og international politik 16. september 2010 / Timeline September 16, 2010

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15. September 2010, 17. September 2010

National Security Archive Update, September 16, 2010
Former Guatemalan Soldier Convicted to Ten Years for Lying About Role in Dos Erres Massacre
Washington, DC, September 16, 2010 - In a historic ruling, former Guatemalan special forces soldier Gilberto Jordán, who confessed to having participated in the 1982 massacre of hundreds of men, women and children in Dos Erres, Guatemala, was sentenced today by a judge in a south Florida courtroom to serve ten years in federal prison for lying on his citizenship application about his role in the crime. Calling the massacre, "reprehensible," U.S. District Judge William Zloch handed down the maximum sentence allowed for naturalization fraud, stating he wanted the ruling to be a message to "those who commit egregious human rights violations abroad" that they will not find "safe haven from prosecution" in the United States.



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