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Holger Terp

Holger Terp: Danish Peace History1

Working paper 1


The first student rebellion
Danish Peace Literature
The Danish history research and communication
Forced conscription during the Viking age
Light in Darkness
Denmark-Norway during the dictatorship of the kings 1660-1849
War resistance in Slesvig during the Danish-German war of 1849
Liberal political antimilitarism 1849-1914
The war of 1864
Pacifism during World War One
Danish discovery of Mahatma Gandhi and non violence
Denmark and the League of Nations
Refugee work before World War Two
Non-violent resistance during WW2
Flexible double standards policies during the cold war
The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
The New Cold War
Afterword: A Danish Peace Academy


1 Danish titles translated in text, the original titles and names are in the notes or in the literature list.

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