antimon / antimony

Latin: Antimon er et grundstof, metal, nr. 51 i det periodiske system.
Kviksølv og antimonoxid anvendes i atomvåben.
Radioaktivt antimon er dokumenteret i forbindelse med atomvåbenforsøg i Stillehavet.
Se også: Atomfysik.


Antimony : U.S. Geological Survey, Mineral Commodity Summaries, 2017.
The occurrence of antimony-125, Europium-155, iron-55, and other radionuclides in Rongelap Atoll soil. / : Ralph F. Palumbo, Frank G. Lowman. Applied Fisheries Laboratory, University of Washington. Seattle, Washington, 1958.
Soil samples from Rongelap Atoll were analyzed for radionuclide content. Using ion-exchange methods, a detailed study was made a soil sample collected in a bird nesting area at Kabelle Island in July 1957. Two radioisotopes, antimony- 125 and europium- 155, not previously reported from the Pacific Proving Ground were found and their identity was verified by radiochemical precipitation techniques.

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