William Ellery Channing

Channing, William Ellery

F. 1780 D. 1842
Amerikansk unitarpræst, slavemodstander og pacifist.
Sammen med Noah Worchester er William Ellery Channing medstifter af the Massachusetts Peace Society i 1815.


An Address on Temperance. / : William Ellery Channing, Massachusetts Temperance Society.
- Boston: J. Green, 1837. - 139 s.
- http://archive.org/details/anaddressontemp02socigoog
' Delivered by request of the council of the Massachusetts Temperance Society, at the Odeon, Boston, February 28, 1837, the day appointed for the simultaneous meeting of the Friends of Temperance throughout the world'.
Channing, William Ellery: Discourses on War: Discourse before the Congregational Ministers of Massachussetts, Boston, 1816 ...etc.
- Boston : The International Union, 1903. - 229 s.
Channing, William Ellery: The duty of the free states, or remarks suggested by the case of the Creole.
- Glasgow : James Hedderwick & Son;
- Edinburgh : Oliver & Boyd;
- London : Simpkin, Marshall, & Co., 1842. - 27 s.
Dictionary of American Biography.

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