Noah Worchester, Swarthmore College Peace Collection

Worcester, Noah

F. 1758 D. 1838
Amerikansk præst, pacifist og redaktør fra Boston, kaldet Philo Pacificus. Grundlægger the Massachusetts Peace Society i 1815. Noah Worcester grundlægger og redigerer fra 1816 det første fredstidsskrift i verden: “The Friend of Peace” som blev udgivet af Ohio Peace Society.


Memoirs of the Rev. Noah Worcester, D. D. (1844).
The substance of a pamphlet, entitled A solemn review of the custom of war : showing that war is the effect of popular delusion, and proposing a remedy. Published anonymously. Attributed to Noah Worcester. - London : Reprinted by Bensley and Son, sold by J. Hatchard, 1817 - 26 pp.
Worcester, Noah: A Solem Review of the Custom of War; Showing that War Is the Effect of Popular Delusion and Proposing a Remedy. - Cambridge, [Mass.] : Printed by Hilliard and Metcalf, sold by Wells & Lilly. - Boston : 1814 ; 1815 ; 1816 ; 1833. - 44 pp.

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