Angst for det ukendte som skaber mentale forstyrrelser, eksempelvis våbenfabrikanters fredsfrygt.
Frygt kan indlæres.
Frygt er en vigtig forudsætning for dannelse af fjendebilleder og nationalisme.
Se også: BOOB Attack ; dommedagsfrygt ; fobi ; fare ; krigsfare ; panik ; psykose ; ragnarok ; skræk ; ærefrygt.


Før: Atomkrig. Nu: Sygdom og mad / Lars Dahlager ; Jeanette Ringkøbing. I: Politiken, 11/21/2005.
Harris, Ben: Whatever happened to little Albert? I: American Psychologist, Vol 34(2), Feb 1979, 151-160. doi: 10.1037/0003-066X.34.2.151
'Examines J. B. Watson and R. Rayner's 1920 conditioning of the infant Albert B. Using published sources, the present article reviews the study's actual procedures and its relationship to Watson's career and work. A history of psychologists' accounts of the Albert study is also presented, focusing on the study's distortion by Watson himself, general textbook authors, behavior therapists, and most recently, a prominent learning theorist. The author proposes possible causes for these distortions and analyzes the Albert study as an example of myth making in the history of psychology'.
Leder: Fransk frygt. I: Information, 22. april 2017.
Looking back: Finding Little Albert / Hall P. Beck, with Gary Irons, reports on a seven-year search for psychology’s lost boy The Psychologist, Volume 24 - Part 5 - (May 2011) pp. 392-395 -

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