JCS; US Joint Chiefs of Staff

Amerikansk. Forsamling af stabschefer fra de USAs forskellige våbenarter, en slags generalstab med rådgivende funktioner overfor forsvarsministeren og præsidenten.
'Joint Army-Navy Boards
Five boards have been created by joint agreement of the Secretary of War and the Secretary of the Navy. By military order of the President, effective July 1, 1939, these boards exercise their functions under the direction and supervision of the President as Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States.
The Joint Board.--This Board was organized July 17, 1903, and its functions were later amended by joint agreement dated July 24, 1919. Any matter which, in the estimation of either the War of the Navy Department, seems to call for consideration as to cooperation between the two services may be referred by that Department to the Joint Board. The Board may also originate consideration of subjects which in its judgment are necessary. Proceedings and reports of the Board are confidential. Each Department receives a copy of the record of the Board.
The Aeronautical Board.--This Board was created in 1916, with limited jurisdiction. Its advisory scope has been broadened from time to time; the last such amendatory agreement was dated May 21, 1936. The purpose of the Board is to prevent duplication of effort and to secure a more complete measure of cooperation and coordination in the matters jointly affecting the Army Air Forces and Navy aviation.
The Joint Economy Board.--The Joint Economy Board was organized on September 20, 1933. It investigates and reports on economies which can be effected without loss of efficiency by the elimination of overlap or the simplification of functioning in those activities of the War and Navy Departments concerned with joint operations of the two services or which have approximately parallel functions.
Joint Army and Navy Munitions Board.--This Board was organized in 1922 for the purpose of harmonizing the plans of the Army and the Navy in the procurement of munitions and supplies for war purposes.
Joint Army and Navy Committee on Welfare and Recreation.--The Committee was created on February 12, 1941, as an advisory and liaison committee on problems in welfare and recreation of servicemen. It provides expert advice to the responsible officers in the Army and Navy and acts as liaison between the Army and Navy and Government and private agencies dealing with related problems.'
United States Government Manual 1945. First Edition (Revisions through March 10). Division of Public Inquiries, Office of War Information.
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