Den religiøse tro på objekter som amuletter og maskotter osv. og tro på begivenheder, der ikke forekommer i den sædvanlige erfaring eller er underkastet alment anerkendte naturlove.
Se også: Alkymi, herunder John Dee (1527–1608?) ; almanark ; astrologi ; clairvoyance ; djævledans ; feer ; folketro ; folklore ; genganger ; heks ; holisme ; jærtegn ; magi ; marekat ; kartomanti ; okkultisme ; poltergeist ; pythagoræisme ; nekromanti ; pendulering eller radiæsti ; spiritisme ; spøgelse ; trolddom ; trylleviser ; varsler.


Sejr Jensen, Karsten: Trolddom i Danmark 1500-1588.
- København : Nordisk, 1988. - 167 s.
A true & faithful relation of what passed for many yeers between Dr. John Dee ... and some spirits : tending (had it succeeded) to a general alteration of most states and kingdomes in the world : his private conferences with Rodolphe Emperor of Germany, Stephen K. of Poland, and divers other princes about it : the particulars of his cause, as it was agitated in the Emperors court, by the Pope's intervention : his banishment and restoration in part : as also the letters of sundry great men and princes (some whereof were present at some of these conferences and apparitions of spirits) to the said D. Dee : out of the original copy, written with Dr. Dees own hand, kept in the library of Sir Tho. Cotton ... : with a preface confirming the reality (as to the point of spirits) of this relation, and shewing the several good uses that a sober Christian may make of all (1659).
- http://archive.org/details/truefaithfulrela00deej

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