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Sydafrika: Atomvåbenforsøg

South Africa: nuclear weapons tests
Sydafrika har ikke officielt gennemført atomvåbenforsøg.
/ South Africa has not officially conducted nuclear weapons tests.
/ L'Afrique du Sud n'a pas officiellement mené des essais d'armes nucléaires.
/ Sudáfrica no ha realizado oficialmente pruebas de armas nucleares.
/ Südafrika hat keine offiziellen Atomwaffentests durchgeführt.


Rendering Useless: South Africa’s Nuclear Test Shafts in the Kalahari Desert. / : David Albright, Paul Brannan, Zachary Laporte, Katherine Tajer, and Christina Walrond. November 30, 2011.
Revisiting South Africa's nuclear weapons program: Its history, dismantlement, and lessons for today.
/ : David Albright with Andrea Stricker. Institute for science and international security, 2016.
Twenty five years ago South Africa acceded to Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty after dismantling its nuclear weapons. Yet, the full story of that nuclear weapons program was not revealed publicly at that time. Parts were hidden from the International Atomic Energy Agency as well. Now, after many years of work by the media and independent experts, with the cooperation of a number of former members of the nuclear weapons program, a much fuller picture of South Africa's nuclear weapons program has emerged.

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