Latin: Americium er et radioaktivt, syntetisk grundstof, metal, nr. 95 i det periodiske system.
Americium er et bidrodukt af plutonium.
Americium kan spores i naturen efter atmosfæriske atomvåbenforsøg, ved kernekraftuheld og ved fabrikation af atomvåben.
Se også: Atomfysik.


CRS: U.S. Nuclear Weapon “Pit” Production Options for Congress. / : Jonathan E. Medalia.
As plutonium decays, it produces other elements, such as americium. That radioactive element increases the radiation dose to workers and is an impurity to weapons-grade plutonium. Plutonium scrap, such as from old pits or from faulty castings, may pick up other impurities. Accordingly, plutonium must be purified for use in new pits. This may involve nitric acid processing, high-temperature processing, electrorefining, and other processes. Such processes result in a substantial stream of waste contaminated with radioactive material, acid, and other harmful substances. This waste must be processed and disposed of; waste processing requires a substantial infrastructure
Plutonium and americium in the sediments off the Thule air base, Greenland. / : T. K. Ikäheimonen et al,
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, Vol. 252, No. 2 (2002) 339–344
Plutonium and Americium Geochemistry at Hanford: A Site-Wide Review. / : KJ Cantrell ; AR Felmy. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Richland, Washington, 2012.
It is estimated that 11,800 Ci (189 kg) of plutonium-239 and 28,700 Ci americium-241 were disposed directly to the vadose zone as liquid wastes across the Hanford Site (Cantrell 2009). The vast majority of plutonium and americium disposed to the vadose zone on the Hanford Site.
/ Det anslås, at 11.800 Ci (189 kg) plutonium-239 og 28.700 Ci americium-241 blev førtt direkte i grundvandsbassenget som flydende affald i hele Hanfordanlægget (Cantrell 2009). Langt størstedelen af plutonium og americium er i grundvandsbassenget i Hanford-anlægget

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