Woolman, John

F. 1720 D. 1772
Amerikansk kvæker og slavemodstander fra 1758. John Woolman rejse til England 1772.
Inspireret af og arbejdede tæt sammen med Anthony Benezet.
John Woolman Memorial Association, Mount Holly, New Jersey, er opkaldt efter ham.


Woolman, John: The Journals of John Woolman / ed. Amelia Mott Gummere. 1920.
The works of John Woolman : in two parts. - Philadelphia : Printed by Joseph Crukshank, 1774. [Pt. 1] A journal of the life, gospel labours, and Christian experiences of that faithful minister of Jesus Christ, John Woolman. -- Pt. 2. The works of John Woolman : containing his last epistle and his other writings [Some considerations on the keeping of Negroes. Considerations on the keeping of Negroes ... Part the second. Considerations on pure wisdom, and human policy; on labour; on schools; and on the right use of the Lord's outward gifts. Considerations on the true harmony of mankind; and how it is to be maintained. Remarks on sundry subjects. An epistle to the Quarterly and Monthly meetings of Friends].
Woolman, John: Considerations on the keeping of Negroes : recommended to the professors of Christianity of every denomination.
- Philadelphia : Tract Association of Friends, 1774.

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