Robeson, Paul

F. 1898 D. 1976
Amerikansk atlet, folkesanger, skuespiller, advokat, borger-rettighedsforkæmper, fagforeningsagitator og pacifist.
Som bassanger medvirkede Paul Robeson bl.a. til gospelmusikkens popularisering.
Overvåget af Det amerikanske Forbundspoliti, FBI, CIA og MI5 i mere end 30 år.
Han blev anklaget for u-amerikansk virksomhed og hans pas inddraget i otte år. I 1958 var Robeson på turné i Moskva og indspillede en plade med en række folkesange fra hele verden, herunder også 'Joe Hill' om den berømte svensk-amerikanske fagforeningsagitator.
The Paul Robeson Foundation er opkaldt efter ham. Omfattende diskografi, herunder, eksempelvis: The Incomparable voice of Paul Robeson His Master's Voice DLP.1155 1957, Live, Moskva 1958, Arbejderen 2004.
Paul Robeson & Earl Robinson Singen das andere Amerika Eterna 8 10 021 1959.

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Paul Robeson: Loch Lomond.
Paul Robeson: Joe Hill.
'Hill was memorialised in a tribute poem written about him c. 1930 by Alfred Hayes titled "I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill Last Night", sometimes referred to simply as "Joe Hill". Hayes's lyrics were turned into a song in 1936 by Earl Robinson:
Paul Robeson sang this song while in Edinburgh to perform a miners' benefit concert in the Usher Hall for 3000 miners and their families sponsored by the Scottish National Union of Mineworkers as featured in the documentary film A Star Drops In (1949):
"Robeson had long been something of a hero to the British mining community, ever since he starred in the film Proud Valley (d. Pen Tennyson, 1940) as an American sailor stranded in Cardiff who finds work in a Welsh colliery (the newsreel opens with a short clip from the film). Robeson then visits an Edinburgh colliery and sings 'I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill Last Night' in its canteen. Joe Hill was a poet and union organiser for the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), executed on a trumped-up murder charge in 1915 and subsequently immortalised as a workers' hero of similar stature to Robeson himself." Part of the Raretunes Archive- see
Here I Stand (1958)
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Shirpley Graham: Paul Robeson Citizen Of The World (1946).
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