Det, at eje noget, eksempelvis en bygning en bolig eller land.
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Ejendomme. / : Danmarks Statistik. Statistiske Meddelelser.
Ejendomssalg. / : Danmarks Statistik. Statistiske Meddelelser.
GAO: Military real property maintenance: Management Improvements Are Needed to Ensure Adequate Facilities, 2000.
The military services are collectively responsible for maintaining more real property than any other entity in the world—more than 320,000 buildings (with about 2.1 billion square feet), tens of thousands of miles of roads, and 1.1 million square yards of pavement (such as runways). The replacement value of this property is more than $500 billion.
Sea Level Rise Washes Away $76.4 Million in Texas Home Values
First Street Foundation, April 23, 2019
Data scientists from First Street Foundation and Columbia University have expanded their peer-reviewed housing market research to include approximately 3 million coastal properties in Texas, finding increased tidal flooding caused by sea level rise has eroded $76.4 million in relative property values between 2005 and 2017.
Coastal homes in Galveston were hit hardest, losing $9.1 million in relative appreciation. Homes in Jamaica Beach saw $8.6 million in unrealized value, followed by Bolivar Peninsula at $8.1 million, Surfside Beach at $5.7 million, and Nassau Bay at $4.1 million. One of the area’s significantly impacted properties, a single family home on Back Bay Court in Nassau Bay, lost $81,296 in appreciation over the 12 year study period. Analysis of Texas brings the total loss among 18 East and Gulf Coast states, from Maine to Texas, to $15.9 billion.

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