Latin ; fransk: Basis, grundlag.
Militært støttepunkt, station eller installation(er), hvorfra militære styrker opererer og eller får forsyninger, herunder efterretningsoplysninger, fra uden for sit eget territorium. Nogle baser udstyres med et forsvarsområde (Ground Defence Areas) som udvider basens forsvarslinjer ud over dens normale fredstidsområde. Indenfor forsvarsområdet kan militæret ved hjælp af undtagelseslovgivning evakuere civile og ødelægge deres huse, livsgrundlag og ejendom for at skabe brandfri zoner eller kampplads.
Amerikanske baser kan være inddelt i følgende katagorier: Main Operating Bases, Standby Deployment Base, Storage/Support Facilities, Communications Facilities og COB-baser.
The 2003 US Defense Department's "Base Structure Report" lists 702 foreign bases owned or leased by the Pentagon, with about 6,000 more installations in the US and its possessions. As vast as this network seems, the report inexplicably fails to include any locations in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Qatar and Kosovo. And to these must now be added at least 14 garrisons in Iraq.
Then there is "under-reporting". In Asia, the 10 US Marine Corps facilities on Okinawa, including the sprawling 485-hectare USMC Futenma Air Station, have only one entry. The array of intelligence gathering and other military installations in Britain are nowhere to be found in the report, possibly because they all are technically Royal Air Force facilities. Moreover, while a surface-based "boost-phase" missile defense system to counter North Korean missiles can be deployed on ships in the international waters of the Sea of Japan, effective coverage by a surface-based system to counter Iranian missiles would require launch sites in at least Afghanistan and Iraq (and possibly Turkmenistan), according to a Congressional Budget Office study completed in July.
Se også: US Bases and other overseas military presence Program ; US DoD Base Realignment and Closure ; basepolitik ; Camp ; Camp Ederle, Vencenza ; Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases (CAAB) ; US Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act ; Cooperative Security Site ; US Defense Environmental Restoration Program ; Cooperative security locations (CSLs) ; Diego Garcia ; database ; Forward operating locations (FOLs) ; forward-operating sites ; Formerly Used Defense Sites ; Fylingdales ; US the Global Posture Review ; Greenham Common ; the international network for the abolition of foreign military bases ; Karup ; kemi ; lyttestation ; munitions and explosives of concern ; militærstation ; Molesworth ; U.S. Naval Base, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba ; UK Sites ; the US Overseas Basing Commission ; perimeter ; Pluto ; Roosevelt Roads Naval Station - Puerto Rico ; staging base ; theater architecture ; SOSUS ; Thulebasen ; USAFE ; UXO ; Yokosuka - Japan.


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