Kernevåbens medicinske konsekvenser for Danmark


Græsk: Sammensat begreb af atom og krig.
Enhver form for væbnet konflikt, krigsførelse, hvori der benyttes eller trues med anvendelse af atomvåben. Anden verdenskrig var den første atomkrig pga Hiroshima og Nagasaki.
Selv om alle medlemmer af atomvåbenklubben formodentlig har planer for anvendelse af kernevåben i tilfælde af krig, er det kun den amerikanske SIOP-plan fra 1962? - med senere varianter - som er offentliggjorte.
According to Launch on Warning, 'Under the circumstances of the U.S.-Soviet Cold War, a launch-on-warning capability was a logical consequence of nuclear planning. Many Soviet targets were "time urgent" military ones that would have to be destroyed quickly. By the early 1950s, soon after Moscow began producing nuclear weapons, those Soviet nuclear facilities and nuclear delivery systems that could be detected became a prime target for U.S. nuclear war planning. Because those forces posed the great threat to the United States and its allies, U.S. military commanders and intelligence agencies looked closely for signs that the Soviet leadership might be preparing them for use in a surprise attack. By the mid-1950s, the commanders of U.S. strategic nuclear forces readily assumed that if they received "strategic warning" of an impending Soviet attack, it would be essential to stage a quick preemptive launch of SAC bombers on Soviet strategic nuclear and command and control targets. Consistent with this, the first Single Integrated Operational Plan (SIOP), approved by President Dwight Eisenhower in the fall of 1960, included preemptive and retaliatory options for massive nuclear attacks on the most threatening Soviet targets'.
USAs daværende præsident Richard M. Nixon truede med at anvende atomvåben mod Nordvietnam under Vietnamkrigen.
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