Det 58. grundstof i det periodiske system. Del af sjældne jordarters metaller, der i legeringer bl.a. anvendes til at blødgøre stål.
Cerium udvindes sammen med thorium af monazitsand.
Radioaktivt cerium spores i forbindelse med brintbombeforsøget, Operation Castle, i Bikini og Enewetak i Forsøgsområderne i Stillehavet i 1954.
/ Contamination, environmental pollution
Barium ; beryllium ; cæsium ; jod ; krypton ; lanthanum ; molybdæn ; neptunium ; niobium ; plutonium ; polonium ; radioaktivitet ; ruthenium ; strontium-90 ; tellur ; tritium ; uran ; xenon ; zirkonium.
Se også: Atomfysik ; atmosfæriske atomvåbenforsøg.


Radioactive cerium isotopes: the fallout from recent French and Chinese nuclear weapons tests / Sherwood JD, Moore DT, Kuroda PK.. Health Phys. 1973 May;24(5):491-5.
Uptake, Accumlation and Loss of Radioactive Cerium-144 by Marine Planktonic Algae. / T. R. Rice and Virginia M. Willis. I: Limnology and Oceanography, Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography. 1959. s. 277-290.
- http://www.aslo.org/lo/toc/vol_4/issue_3/0277.pdf
'Cerium radionuclides contribute a large portion of the fission-produced materials occurring in sea, water soon after the detonation of a bomb. This was shown by a radiochemical analysis on sea water collected near Bikini Atoll in June, 1954, following the hydrogen bomb tests which occurred during the period March to May, 1954. Also, on land the greatest amount of radioactivity from fallout is contributed by the rare earth elements. The average of two complete soil assays, determined two years after the Marshall Islands were contaminated by fallout from the March 1, 1954, nuclear detonation of Operation Castle, gave 84 % rare earths.'

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